Thursday, March 21

Google Conversion Tracking Using Contact Form 7 Without Redirection

I was searched for the problem at least a day and found nothing that works Cool. All the solutions to set a Google Conversion Tracking for wordpress suggest to redirect the user to a "thank-you.html" page , and to put there the actual Javascript code for Google Coversion Tracking.
Some suggested to use an iFrame while displaying "Successful Form submission", and this sparked the idea to set the actual Google Conversion Tracking Javascript code to the field where we set Thanks-giving message.
Here is my Google Conversion tracking code Script that I have to fire after successful submission of contact-form-7. Google AdSense Script

 I just append this code to the input box where we use Successful Form Submission message. i.e. (Thanks. We will contact you soon. < Google Conversion tracking code Here >)

  Contact Form 7

 As the response msg generated through contact form 7, it also runs the google script containing code for Adsense. This is working cool for me.
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