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A Roadside School In Ahmedabad

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A roadside school in Ahmedabad(Gujrat)
A road-side school in Ahmedabad(Gujrat)
In Ahmedabad(Gujrat), It’s a school on road side started in 2001 by Mr.Kamal Bhai Parmar, now his son run this school. Beside the school is a main road, vehicles pass-away from there and near are the benches where students used to study. When its lunch- time , students get mid day meal here. The more important thing about this school is, all the students here having poor background and can't afford the fees/books/lunch, this all managed by the school owner himself.
Definitely he is not making money out of it but creating some good wishes for himself.

While writing the above line of this post it reminded me dialogue from a Hindi Movie (Once Upon A Time In Mumbai) where Ajay Devgan has a dialogue “Dua Me Yaad Rakhna”
If you want to do something do it anyways !!!